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Complete software solution for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. It is single integrated software for all departments which includes Admin, Raw Material Store, Production, Accounts, Quality Control, Human Resource, Sales, Marketing, Distribution and IT department. It reduces operational costs and saves time. It enables better decision-making: managers have visibility to real-time & accurate information (integration of all data into a common framework), Extensive reporting, workflow and online real-time capabilities, Increased Operational Effectiveness & Productivity, Timely and target information feedback system for decision support, Improved Customer Support and Improved batch tracking management

Orbit Pharmaceutical Suite is a business management solution that is built on the powerful platform of Oracle for the Pharmaceutical companies to manage their accounts, supply chain, operations and regulatory affairs. The solution has evolved over a period of 10 years of working with various Pharmaceutical business models and a proven track record of successfully delivering ERP projects on-time and under budget.

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Built with love using Oracle Apex